Fall 2004

Download Featured Article: The Great Crash of 1929 At Seventy-Five By Dr. Richard Sylla 546.54 KB

Also in this Issue:

  • Bernard Baruch, The Baron of Hobcaw Sanford J. Mock.
  • Biography of a presidential financial advisor.
  • Book Review: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. Reviewed by Gregory DL Morris
  • The Great Crash of 1929 at Seventy-Five Dr. Richard Sylla. Relearning lessons from the "Great Crash" on its 75th anniversary.
  • Identity Crisis Tamar Anolic. The personal and financial implications of the Internet's most prolific crime.
  • Life of the Party Claudia La Rocco. Paying for political conventions, from 1831 to today.
  • Overcoming Resistance to Life Insurance in the 19th Century Brian Grinder & Dan Cooper.
  • The Rise and Fall of W.T. Grant Bruce Weitzman. A series of management miscues cause the collapse of a retail giant.
  • The Role of the Town Bank in the Agrarian United States Kathleen A. Graham. How rural banks shape their communities.
  • The Salt of the Earth Gregory DL Morris. How Syracuse made New York City the capital of the world.

Summer 2021

Financial History, Issue 138

In this issue:

  • “The Feminization of Capital,” by Sarah C. Haan
  • "Inside Money: Brown Brothers Harriman and the American Way of Power," by Zachary Karabell
  • "A Cornerstone of Our Nation’s Economy: The Financial History of Infrastructure," by Gregory DL Morris

and more...