The Financial Markets

On view 2008 - 2018

Financial markets connect those with money to those with ideas about how to use it. They enable entrepreneurs to realize their visions, companies to grow and governments to better serve their citizens. In doing so, they have made Wall Street a center of innovation and an invaluable engine of America's prosperity. The largest of the Museum's permanent exhibits enables visitors to experience the excitement and energy of Wall Street through monumental media towers representing three of New York's premier exchanges: the New York Stock Exchange, the CME Group (formerly the New York Mercantile Exchange) and a major New York bond desk. "The Financial Markets" also traces Wall Street's history from its earliest years to the present and features multi-media and interactive displays alongside hundreds of original documents and artifacts that depict the rich history of the stock, bond and commodities markets. In "The Financial Markets," visitors will hear from the leaders and traders at the most important locations of stock, bond and commodity trading in New York. In original films created for the Museum, interviews conducted on the trading floors at the New York Stock Exchange, the New York Mercantile Exchange and at Citi allow the viewer to experience these financial markets firsthand, directly from those working in the industry.