The Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize

Celebrating 100 Years of Creativity and Innovation

March - September 2003

The Nobel Prize is an ongoing tradition which records and celebrates achievements that change the way we live. Established in the will of entrepreneur and philanthropist Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, the prize honors those who “have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind” through their contributions to the arts and sciences. Prizewinners come from around the world, have diverse backgrounds, and pursue widely varying interests.

“The Nobel Prize: Celebrating 100 Years of Creativity and Innovation” provides a glimpse into the minds, lives, and work of selected Nobel laureates, particularly those in the economics category, through personal video interviews, candid photographic portraits, and original artifacts. Among the laureates featured in this exhibit are Milton Friedman, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., Pearl S. Buck, and Nelson Mandela.

The Museum of American Financial History and the Smithsonian Institution are pleased to be sharing Nobel treasures from their collections in this exhibit to recognize these individuals who have guided the nation and the world toward significant scientific, artistic and societal breakthroughs.