MoAF Data Room

MoAF Data Room

Below you will find background materials and information on the Museum of American Finance. Please contact President/CEO David Cowen at 212-908-4604 or if you have questions or require additional information.

Photos of recent events at the Museum featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda and former Treasury Secretaries Tim Geithner, Robert Rubin and Larry Summers 
Photo tour of exhibits at 48 Wall Street

Key Press Clips (A more extensive list of over 300 media mentions can be found here.)
"Larry Fink Talks Super Bowl, Janet Yellen at Finance Museum Fete," Bloomberg, February 6, 2019 
"Tyler Winklevoss: Bitcoin is Gold, Ether is Oil, Litecoin is a Testnet," Investopedia, February 28, 2018
"Ken Griffin Says Dow Drop 'Modest' as Geithner Looks Back on '08," Bloomberg, February 7, 2018
"The Money Museum Gets Funky," The New York Times, August 9, 2017
"Finance Makes America Great, Say Larry Summers, Joe Ricketts," Bloomberg, February 2, 2017
"Here's the Economic Impact of the Longevity Bonus," Forbes, March 14, 2016
"This Dazzling Exhibit of Gold Artifacts Has the Midas Touch," Smithsonian Magazine, December 22, 2015
"Wall Street Welcomes Oldest Gold Coin, Most Expensive Gold Monopoly Set," Kitco News, December 7, 2015 

Supplemental Materials
"Museum of American Finance: Making Finance Accessible" Booklet
Exhibits archive
Audio tour transcript
MoAF collection description
Upcoming eventsEvents archive

Video Series
Why Wall Street Matters
Disrupting Wall Street: The Power of FinTech
Out of the Vault (Virtual Tour)

Financial Information
Most Recent Public 990 (2017)