Special Events

Special Events

The Museum hosts noteworthy events and programs that celebrate important individuals or occurrences in the world of finance and help support the institution. This includes the Museum’s annual gala, held in early January, which honors the recipient of the Whitehead Award and announces a Museum Finance Academy scholarship winner.

Museum Gala

In January 2008 the Museum celebrated its move to 48 Wall Street by announcing the John C. Whitehead Award for Distinguished Public Service and Financial Leadership. In 2009 Paul Volcker became the first recipient of the award; subsequent recipients are William Donaldson (2010), Peter G. Peterson (2011), Felix Rohatyn (2012), William Harrison (2013), Duncan Niederauer (2014), David Rubenstein (2015) and Robert Rubin (2016). In 2016, the Museum honored Charles Schwab and introduced the Charles Schwab Financial Innovation Award.

On February 1, 2017, the Museum honored Lawrence H. Summers with the Whitehead Award and Joe Ricketts with the Charles Schwab Financial Innovation Award at its 2017 Gala. For more information on the Museum's annual gala, please contact Mindy Ross, Director of External Relations, at mross@moaf.org or 646-833-2755.

25th Anniversary Event

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Crash of 1987 and the founding of the Museum of American Finance, the Museum hosted a thought leadership symposium entitled "Restoring the Faith of Investors" on October 19, 2012, followed by the ringing of the NYSE closing bell. Highlights and photographs of this event are available here.

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