Spring 2023

Download Featured Article: 50 Years of Exchange-Traded Options: Cboe Marks Its Golden Anniversary

By Howard Baker

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Also in this Issue:

  • "What I Learned About Investing from Darwin," by Pulak Prasad
  • "Easy Money: The Invention of Modern Currency in 1690 Massachusetts," by Dror Goldberg
  • "Troubled Waters: How Americans' Trade with China Mixed Opium with Money," by Dael A. Norwood
  • "The Gold Standard and the Dakota War of 1862," by Daniel C. Munson
  • "Saving British India," by Eric Brothers
  • "The Personal Finances of Presidents, Part 3: George Washington," by Brian Grinder and Dan Cooper
  • Book Review: "For Profit: A History of Corporations," reviewed by Michael A. Mortorelli
  • Book Review: "How the World Really Works," reviewed by Daniel C. Munson

Fall 2023

Financial History, Issue 147

In this issue:

  • “Taming the Street: Set a Thief to Catch a Thief,” by Diana B. Henriques
  • "The 1907 Stringency Crisis in Canada," by Joe Martin
  • "Sandy Gottesman: A Whale of a Value Investor and Philanthropist," by James Russell Kelly

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