Fall 2022

Download Featured Article: The Story of Hetty Green

By Mark Higgins

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Also in this Issue:

  • "The Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Model for a Federal Infrastructure Bank?" by Michael A. Martorelli
  • "ETFs and the Origin of Indexing," by Bob Pisani
  • "The Entrepreneurs: Ancient Partners of Power," by Derek Lidow
  • "Applying Hamilton’s Mint Report to American Finance and Commerce," by Eric Brothers
  • "Glass-Steagall and the Restoration of Financial Stability," by Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr.
  • “Politics and Free Trade: Examining the Walker Tariff of 1846,” by Ramon Vasconcellos
  • "The Personal Finances of Presidents, Part 1: Thomas Jefferson,” by Brian Grinder and Dan Cooper
  • Book Review: "Robert Morris: Inside the Revolution," reviewed by Gregory DL Morris

Winter 2023

Financial History, Issue 144

In this issue:

  • "A History of Central Banking in the United States, " by Mark Higgins
  • "The 1933 Bank Holiday," by Michael A. Martorelli
  • "B Corp Banks Prosper: Doing Well by Doing Good," by Gregory DL Morris

and more...