Summer 2021

Download Featured Article: "Populist Prophets, Public Profits"

By Peter C. Earle

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Also in this Issue:

  • “The Feminization of Capital,” by Sarah C. Haan
  • "Inside Money: Brown Brothers Harriman and the American Way of Power," by Zachary Karabell
  • "A Cornerstone of Our Nation’s Economy: The Financial History of Infrastructure," by Gregory DL Morris
  • "President Nixon’s Wage and Price Controls," by Michael A. Martorelli
  • "Wildcat Currencies: US Monetary History and the Future Cryptocurrency System," by Franklin Noll
  • “Sesquicentennial of the Canadian Bank Act,” by Joe Martin
  • "Hold the Onions, Please! The Short History of Onion Futures," by Brian Grinder and Dan Cooper
  • Book Review: "Lady Charlotte Guest: The Exceptional Life of a Female Industrialist"

Fall 2022

Financial History, Issue 143

In this issue:

  • "The Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Model for a Federal Infrastructure Bank?" by Michael A. Martorelli
  • "ETFs and the Origin of Indexing," by Bob Pisani
  • "The Entrepreneurs: Ancient Partners of Power," by Derek Lidow

and more...