Spring 2020

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By Richard Sylla, Janice Traflet and Robert E. Wright

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Also in this Issue:

  • "Will Coronavirus and Economic Nationalism Reverse Two Centuries of Globalization?," by Simon Constable
  • "Dirty Water: Aaron Burr and The Manhattan Company," by Maura Ferguson and Sarah Poole
  • "Roger F. Murray: The Bridge Between Benjamin Graham and Modern Value Investing," by James R. Kelly
  • "The Importance of Oil in World War II," by Michael A. Martorelli
  • "Centennial of Southwestern Oil & Gas Recalls Epic Bank Failures," by Gregory DL Morris
  • "Where Are They Now?: E.F. Hutton & Co.," by Susie J. Pak
  • "Wild West Finance: The Johnson County Range War (Part 1)," by Brian Grinder and Dan Cooper
  • Book Review: "Narrative Economics," reviewed by James P. Prout

Summer 2020

Financial History, Issue 134

In this issue:

  • "David Dodd: Out of Ben Graham's Shadow," by James R. Kelly
  • "Federal Financing of Internal Improvements in Antebellum America," by Michael A. Martorelli
  • "Presidential Impeachment and US Stock Markets," by Peter C. Earle

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