Historic Sites Get More Visitors Thanks to 'Hamilton' Fans

June 13, 2016

Historic Sites Get More Visitors Thanks to 'Hamilton' Fans

By Beth Harpaz, The Associated Press

Historic sites connected to Alexander Hamilton are getting a lot more visitors than they used to, thanks to a little Broadway show you might have heard about.

Fans of the musical "Hamilton," which won 11 Tony Awards Sunday, are hunting down every Hamilton spot they can think of, from his home in Harlem, to his burial site in Lower Manhattan, to Hamilton Park in Weehawken, New Jersey, near the dueling grounds where he was shot by Aaron Burr...

...Some destinations are advertising in the Broadway Playbill for "Hamilton," including the Caribbean island of Nevis, where Hamilton was born, and the Museum of American Finance on Wall Street, where Hamilton founded the Bank of New York. The museum has an Alexander Hamilton Room...


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