The Long Reach of the Broadway Hit "Hamilton"

November 18, 2015

The Long Reach of the Broadway Hit

By Mark Garrison, Marketplace

“Hamilton” is making a lot of money on Broadway. The rap musical about the architect of American business is a hit with critics and audiences alike. The show has racked up more than $60 million in advance sales, according to the production team. (And it’s not just Broadway cashing in. A recent Democratic Party fundraiser charged donors $10,000 a pair for prime seats and a photo op with President Obama.)

As audiences pack the theater night after night, the show’s economic impact is stretching beyond the theater, driving attendance at cultural sites and serving as the centerpiece for a big educational investment...

Nearby, the Museum of American Finance is also seeing visitor growth. Its room dedicated to Hamilton is typically only one draw among various exhibits about banking, Wall Street and money. Now, visitors head straight for it. Sensing an opportunity, the museum advertised in the Broadway musical’s program. Museum staffers are especially excited about the more diverse crowd showing an interest in Hamilton, including more younger visitors than usual.

“The fact that it’s a rap version has created a great impact,” said Ben Urizar, the museum’s assistant director of visitor services. “We have seen a large amount of young people, let’s say middle school and high school age, come in here and saying, ‘we can identify with this character.’”