Money Talks

April 17, 2014

Money Talks

By Ethan Wolff, Love This City Blog

Wall Street may be an icon of New York, but for a hands-on experience of finance, you’ll have to get your kids behind closed doors. On your next family outing, head down the block from the Stock Exchange to the Museum of American Finance. The little ones will be impressed right off with the space, a grand marble room that housed a historic bank. Interactive displays make the history come alive. Kids can handle coins, and use an ultraviolet light to reveal the secrets in a modern bill. They’ll marvel at bygone technology like stock tickers and clunky old computer terminals. The history of money will be a big hit, from its humble wampum bead beginning, through wooden nickels and counterfeit bills. Let your offspring fantasize for a while about what they’d do if they got their hands on a $10,000 bill...


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