Mid-Atlantic Offers a Wealth of Museum Exhibits

October 5, 2012

Mid-Atlantic Offers a Wealth of Museum Exhibits

By Mark Jenkins
The Washington Post

Crisp weather and the turning of the leaves aren’t the only incentives to venture out of the Washington area this season. Here are a few of the shows scheduled in the mid-Atlantic region, at museums somewhere between the James and the Harlem rivers...

“Andrew Carnegie: Forging Philanthropy,” Museum of American Finance

A teenage Scottish immigrant who began his career as a bobbin-factory worker, Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) started the company that became U.S. Steel. Its success made him (by some calculations) the second-richest man in history. He founded many institutions, including Carnegie Hall and the Carnegie Institution of Washington. He also endowed more 2,500 libraries throughout the English-speaking world, from Fiji and his Scottish home town to D.C.’s Mount Vernon Square. This show recounts and evokes Carnegie’s life and career. The artifacts on display include a $100,000 gold bond certificate issued to Carnegie and his personal flag with the Stars and Stripes on one side and Scotland’s Saint Andrew’s Cross on the other.

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