The Financial Regulatory Tide: In or Out?

October 3, 2012

By Brian Sentance, CEO of Xenomorph

Posted on RFPConnect

If you missed the Museum's panel on the history of regulation, this article provides a good synopsis.

If you have ever wandered around the financial district in New York, then you may not have noticed the Museum of American Finance on the corner of Wall and William St. I tend to find there are lots of things I don't notice in New York, probably due to the fact that I am still doing a passable impression of a tourist and find myself looking ever upwards at the skyscrapers rather than at anything at ground level. Anyway MoAF is worth a look-in and having recently become a member (thanks Cognito Media!) I went along to one of their events last night on regulation. Richard Sylla was the moderator for the evening, with support from Hugh Rockoff, Eugene N. White and Charles Geisst...

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