Map of US Finance's Long and Winding Road

January 25, 2012

By Neil Parmar, The National

The Guggenheim and Museum of Modern Art in New York City have long attracted avid art enthusiasts.

But a lesser-known institution is a must-see for anyone curious about the bumpy business history of the US. Located at 48 Wall Street, on the corner of William Street, the Museum of American Finance is touted as the country's only independent public museum dedicated to "celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship and the democratic free-market tradition, which has made New York City the financial capital of the world."

The museum, which is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution and says its founding was "inspired" by the stock market crash of 1987, is running a special exhibition called "Checks & Balances: Presidents and American Finance."

It includes some interesting historical artefacts, including a bond issued to and signed by George Washington, the President who struggled with national debt following the Revolutionary War...


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