Lower Manhattan Nonprofits Receive $17 Million in Funding

September 9, 2011

Lower Manhattan Nonprofits Receive $17 Million in FundingPhoto by Ivan Pentchoukov/The Epoch Times

By Ivan Pentchoukov, The Epoch Times

The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) announced Wednesday that Lower Manhattan nonprofits will receive $17 million in federal funding. The funds will be used to undertake projects and provide services and facilities to Lower Manhattan residents and visitors...

The Museum of American Finance received $100,000 to install a climate-control system. The museum had originally applied for $358,000.

“We're delighted that we received an award. We'll look at the project and determine and investigate how to proceed based on the parameters of the $100,000,” said Jeanne Driscoll, director of development at the museum.

The museum relocated from a much smaller space to a three-floor historic building at 48 Wall St. The move was supported in large part from an earlier $2 million LMDC grant. Attendance has steadily increased since the relocation, and the museum is on track to receive 43,000 visitors this year.

“It's good for us, and it's good for downtown,” Driscoll said.


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