Going for the Gold

March 6, 2011

Rebecca Jarvis, CBS Sunday Morning

With revolutions abroad, and hard times at home, where should you put your money these days? The stock market, and even real estate, can seem so fleeting. How about something shiny, that's been valued for eons...

These days, gold's luster is being polished by ads and discussions on TV, some of them with ominous overtones.

"I'm sure some people buy gold because they're greedy and they think gold is underpriced today, and it's going to go up a lot in value," said Richard Sylla, an NYU professor of financial history, and chairman of the Museum of American Finance on Wall Street.

"But other people hear these ads that say, 'The world is about to come to an end, we're about to have a hyper-inflation, so you better buy gold,' that's fear," he said.


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