Museum presents exhibit "Scandal! Financial Crime, Chicanery and Corruption That Rocked America"

June 13, 2010

By Ed Wetschler, The Dallas Morning News

The baseball bat in the "Scandal!" exhibit at the Museum of American Finance, in downtown Manhattan, isn't some skinny stick for slapping singles; it's a big, thick bat for a home-run hitter.

Look more closely: The label says, "Bernie Madoff's Louisville Slugger." And that's a fitting metaphor for a show about men who, like certain would-be power hitters, swung wildly for the fences but struck out.

Although the Museum of American Finance is set in a Wall Street landmark, the former Bank of [New York] building, it doesn't balk at indicting the financial world's bad apples. Using text, photographs and artifacts, "Scandal!," which runs through April, explores major financial crimes and the men who committed them.

Their downfalls were dramatic, but the damage they caused, even more so...