Far Downtown, Riches at Small Museums

September 4, 2008

The New York Sun, By Francis Marrone

The (Museum's) collection is wonderful. The history of banking and finance is visually very rich in ways you may not at first imagine. But immediately up the stairs my eye alighted on a beautiful Brunsviga-Midget "System Trinks" calculator that was used by Isidor Sacks, the comptroller of Lehman Brothers between 1928 and 1959... There are also improbably gorgeous cast-metal cash registers. A nickel-plated NCR model is dated circa 1908-20 and was used in candy stores, restaurants, and dry good stores. A heftier and more elaborate brass NCR machine, circa 1908-16, was made specifically for department stores. Again, one is reminded and stunned by how beautiful these things once were.