Wall Street Gets a Museum of Money

January 18, 2008

Downtown Express, By Stephanie Murg

Weekends are usually quiet on Wall Street, but last Saturday, an excited crowd there gathered around a $10,000 bill, scrutinizing the unfamiliar face of Salmon P. Chase, while others listened to JetBlue founder David Neeleman give pointers on starting a company. A man in a pin-striped suit admired a row of vintage piggy banks. Across the room, a couple of teenaged girls traded stock tips while sitting on a sofa constructed of 7,000 welded-together nickels. This wasn't a Gordon Gekko dream sequence being filmed for the imminent sequel to "Wall Street" but a scene from the opening weekend of the Museum of American Finance, which now occupies the landmarked former headquarters of the Bank of New York at 48 Wall Street.