Kids Club Saturday

Kids Club Saturday

Saturday, July 31, 2010 | 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Bring the family to the Museum's “Kids Club” event, which will feature fun money-themed activities and programs for children in grades K-12. Tickets cost $5 per person and include admission to the Museum. Activities include:

Saving Pennies Art Project: Children will learn the basics of saving and the differences between coins (value, size, design, etc.), and will decorate their own banks. One bank per child included with admission.

Funny Money Art Project: Children will learn what counterfeit money is, and what the government does to make currency difficult to copy. After the discussion, children will design and create their own money using anti-counterfeiting techniques.

Meet and Greet with Alexander Hamilton: Alexander Hamilton, the country’s first Secretary of the Treasury, will appear to tell stories about his personal life, and what life was like in the colonial period. He will be available for pictures.

Money Oragami: Bring a dollar and learn how to fold it into fun creations.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Basic financial decisions will be discussed through this interactive story, designed for middle school students.

Smart Shopping and Budgeting: Older children and teens will receive a stack of coupons, catalogs and a shopping list. The person in each group who purchases everything on the list for the least amount of money wins a prize. A discussion of budgeting will follow.

Tickets to this event may be purchased at the door. Groups of 10 or more should pre-register to ensure sufficient quantities of supplies. To register or receive additional information, please call 212-908-4110 or e-mail

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