Bottom-Up Planning in the Real Estate Capital of the World

Part of LMCC's “Access Restricted” Series

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 | 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Tom Angotti, urban planner and author of New York for Sale, speaks about the histories of grassroots community urban planning in New York designed to sustain neighborhoods. Angotti, both observer of and longtime participant in New York community planning, focuses on the close relationships among community planning, political strategy, and control over land. After describing the political economy of New York City real estate, its close ties to global financial capital, and the roots of community planning in social movements and community organizing, Angotti turns to specifics. He tells of two pioneering plans forged in reaction to urban renewal plans; struggles for environmental justice; plans officially adopted by the city; and plans dominated by powerful real estate interests. Finally, Angotti proposes strategies for progressive, inclusive community planning not only for New York City but for anywhere that neighborhoods want to protect themselves and their land. New York for Sale teaches the empowering lesson that community plans can challenge market-driven development even in global cities with powerful real estate industries.


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