Fall 2018 Scholarship Recipients

Fall 2018 Scholarship Recipients

The Museum is proud to announce that Vicky Li and Doran Katz have received the MFA’s merit scholarships for the Fall 2018 semester.

Vicky Li 

Li is a 17-year-old senior attending Brooklyn Technical High School. In her scholarship application essay, she stated, “The topic on discretionary and non-discretionary purchases reshaped my idea of spending money. In the past, I splurged my money on whatever I wanted, from a few dollars on food every day to a hundred something dollars on Kate Spade handbags. Yet the Museum Finance Academy taught me that we should limit our consumption on wants and spend on needs. In my life, I was never an effective saver because I had too many wants, which caused intermittent financial burden to me once my allowance went out. After taking the class I no longer spend my money as ‘Yes, I should treat myself’; but I would question myself, ‘Do you really need this?’”

Doran Katz  

Katz is a 15-year-old junior at the Academy of American Studies High School in Long Island City. In his scholarship application essay submitted upon completion of the MFA program, he stated, “A major theme at the Museum Finance Academy was how to prepare ourselves for the future and how to manage our money so we can live better lives. This course has been an absolute gift in that it educated me on how to effectively manage my discretionary spending while at the same time maximizing my spending power in the future.”