"Real Fake" with Inspector Collector

Grade Levels: K-6
Program Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour
Booking Type: Special Request
Price: $500


Inspector Collector is a professional museum educator whose courses focus on the teaching value of collecting. “Real Fake” is an interactive performance which opens with a hands-on display and discussion of paper money from across the ages and around the world. See an early vertical bill from China, the nation that invented paper AND paper money. Handle silver certificates, $2 bills, shrunken money, extremely unusual government misprints, and other rarities. The presentation then continues with a hands-on demonstration of anti-counterfeiting techniques, involving the use of special magnetic detectors and ultra violet light. Learn dozens of ways to protect yourself against dishonesty. See the bright blue fluorescent strip hiding inside U.S. $5 bills; learn the secrets behind the special pens used by cashiers; and discuss strategies used by the visually impaired.

Inspector Collector is also available to teach older students and adult groups.