Finance Changes China

Grade Levels: College, Adult
Program Duration: 45 minutes
Booking Type: Special Request
Price: $500

Finance Changes China

As a country, China is rich in traditions and long in history. For about 5,000 years, Chinese civilization was governed by dynastic rule, but the 20th century brought sweeping changes. China’s culture was profoundly impacted by these changes, as they came with astronomical costs, while forging strong leaders and producing one of the world’s most powerful modern nations.

Follow the history of the last Imperial debt of the Qing dynasty, as the Hukuang Rail Road bonds are issued in 1911 – directly leading to dynastic change, revolution, further imperialism, democracy, civil war, industrialization, invasion, reform and communism.

Please note: This class is available in English or Chinese, upon request.


Course Outline in English and Chinese (PDF, 329.88 KB)