Financial History Magazine

The Museum's quarterly membership magazine, Financial History, is the internationally-recognized source for the history of commerce and the development of the American capital markets. Now available as a full-color digital edition, each issue features articles about the people, companies and events that have contributed to the nation's financial system.

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Museum Collection

As part of its mission to document the history and practice of finance in the United States, the Museum actively collects documents and artifacts related to the capital markets, money, banking and free enterprise. The collection includes stocks, bonds, prints, engravings, photographs, currency, checks, books and objects.

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Books and Catalogs

The Museum regularly publishes on subjects pertaining to the history of finance. In addition to its quarterly membership magazine, Financial History, it publishes books and exhibition catalogs including Genealogy of American Finance (Columbia Business School Publishing, 2015), which traces the histories and family trees of the 50 largest US banks.

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