The Museum offers 45-60 minute classroom programs, by request only, taught in the education center by museum educators and industry professionals. Standard classes cost $250 and advanced classes cost $500. All of our classes can accommodate up to 40 people and include museum admission.

Alexander Hamilton

Grade Levels: 5-12

Banking in America

Grade Levels: 6-12, College

Collecting Historic Certificates

Grade Levels: High School, College, Adult

Financial Markets

Grade Levels: 5-12, College

How to Analyze a Stock

Grade Levels: 11-12, College, Adult

Mint Conditions: A History of Coins

Grade Levels: High School

Money: A History

Grade Levels: 5-12

P-Credit Class: Making Sense of Dollars

Grade Levels: Professional (high school teachers)

The History of Derivatives

Grade Levels: College, Adult

The Role of Capital Markets

Grade Levels: College, Adult

Your Money and Your Success

Grade Levels: High School, College